<strong>«ՀԱՒԱՔ». Հայկական կարճ ֆիլմ մը՝ երաժշտական կատարման ընդմէջէն</strong>

Alik Barsoumian, Noah Garabedian, and Gregory Dolbashian’s “Gathering” film highlights a constructed language, an artistic approach to the language of music and dance.“Gathering” is a beautiful piece in which a musician’s solo evolves into a rhythmic dialogue when his sound summons his muse. The film was produced in 2021 within the framework of AGBU’s “Creative […]

<strong>«Աղետի եզրին». հալածեալ հայերուն գունաւոր լուսանկարները Օսմանեան կայսրութեան մէջ (հեղինակը՝ Ամոս Չափլ)</strong>

Two of the world’s earliest color photographers separately documented ethnic Armenian inhabitants of Ottoman Turkey just before the religious minority was largely wiped out over a century ago. 1. This image of a group of ethnic Armenian children in today’s Istanbul, Turkey, was taken by French photographer Stephane Passet in September 1912. 2. An image […]

<strong>Three Armenian monasteries<br>The monastery of Bzommar</strong>

Bzommar, in Syriac “the place of the psalmodist”, was given to the Armenian Catholic bishops by the Khazen under the Maronite patriarch Simon Awad, by a deed of gift dated 1749. The Catholicos Abraham Ardzivian died in the same year, leaving in his will the wish to erect the patriarchal seat there for his successors. […]

<strong>Three Armenian monasteries<br>The monastery of Beit-Khochbao</strong>

After Kreim, the Armenian Antonines built the monastery of St. Anthony of Padua in Gazir on the promontory of Beit-Khochbao. Construction began in 1753, on top of a steep slope overlooking the entire bay of Jounie. The seat of the Abbot General of the Armenian Antonine Order, is now the seat of the Lebanese Maronite […]

<strong>Three Armenian monasteries<br>The monastery of Kreim</strong>

The monastery of Kreim, in Ghosta, as well as those of Beit-Khochbao and Bzommar constitute a major architectural wealth and present three invaluable testimonies of the Armenian heritage in Lebanon. The first Armenian Catholic monasteries date back to the beginning of the XVIII century: the monastery on the island of San Lazaro in Venice, founded […]


The FUTURE ARMENIAN is a public Initiative launched by Armenians and friends of Armenia to create a common understanding around the sustainable development goals for the Motherland and Diaspora. More than 110,000 Signatories from 108 countries have already joined the Initiative. With the participation of reputable experts and general public, The FUTURE ARMENIAN has formulated […]

Safe Internet, Safe Teenager

Program description General goals and objectives of the project The educational program “Safe Internet, Safe Teenager” was compiled by “Miasin” NGO, with the aim of providing appropriate skills and knowledge to beneficiaries in vulnerable groups, through informal education, for competent and safe use of the Internet. Proper use of free time for teenagers is a […]

Summer camp “Golden generation”

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Main task: In Armenia, proper attention isn’t paid to the problems of the elderly (hereinafter referred to as the Golden generation) and to ensure their entertainment properly.According to statistics, the “leisure” of the golden generation in rural areas is mainly carried out through farming, cultivating a personal plot and communicating with neighbors. Providing […]